Private Swim Lessons


Emory Community Private Lessons




Private swimming lessons are offered year-round by Emory Varsity Swimming and Diving Team members.  We offer private and semiprivate lessons to both children and adults (we don't have any age restrictions on private lessons).

PRIVATE LESSONS (1 swimmer per instructor) are 30 minutes in duration and the fee is $30.  Packages available:  5 lessons for $150 and 10 lessons for $300.

SEMIPRIVATE LESSONS (2 swimmers per instructor) are 30 minutes in duration and the fee is $50 or $25 per swimmer.  Packages available: 5 lessons for $250 or 10 lessons for $500.    We  There is no way on our on-line registration system for two families to split semi-private lesson costs.  We recommend one family register and pay for semi-private lessons, and then work out a way to split the costs between yourselves.  Note that you only need to register once for semi-private lessons (sign up one child and note the second under Medical Info/Notes).  If you register twice, you will end up paying twice.  We can't work with groups larger than 2 swimmers in this program.  For group swim lessons (children only), please visit our group lesson program.  We don't currently offer group swimming lessons for adults.

The Private/Semi-Private lesson program does have an additional annual family registration fee of $25.00.  This fee will be applied to the first swimmer you register for lessons.

FACILITIES:  Our instructors can teach at either the indoor Woodruff PE Center pool (year-round) or the SAAC Outdoor pool (April through October).  The registration system requires us to list a facility, so the Woodruff PE Center is listed on the system, but that does not mean you must do your lessons at that facility.  The system also requires us to list days available for lessons, so we have listed Mo-Sun as a default.  You will schedule your lesson times/days with the individual instructor.

DO I HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF THE POOL?  You do not need to be a member to participate in any of our programs at the indoor Woodruff PE Center facility.  For the outdoor SAAC pool, weekend swim lessons are open to non-members, but lessons during the week are available to members only.

DAY/TIMES:  Instructors must do lessons during open swim hours when a lifeguard is on duty and they are restricted from doing lessons when other programming is going on in the pool (group lessons, Eagle Swim Team, etc). Times that are currently available (Jan-March of 2017) for private lessons include weekends (a bulk of our private lessons are scheduled on the weekends/group lessons during the week), and Fridays from 5:30-7pm.  For members of the outdoor SAAC pool, we can teach lessons during the week when the SAAC pool is open (starting in April).  We can't offer private lessons during the week in the evenings (M-Th after 6pm) when group lessons/Eagle Swim Team are in session.  If you are member of the SAAC outdoor pool, there are times available during the week for private lessons.

There is no place on the registration system for you to sign up for a specific date/time, but there is a place on the registration for notes/medical information.  Please use that space for time/day preferences and information about the swimmer (age, ability level, etc).   You can also request a specific instructor in the notes/medical information area, if you have someone in mind for the lessons. 

THE SCHEDULING PROCESS:  Once you register and pay online for lessons, we will post your lesson to our instructor site.  An available instructor will claim the lesson and will contact you to schedule the first lesson.  Keep in mind that this is a very popular program and we get new registrations in daily.  During busy times of the year, lessons can get backed up.  If you don’t hear back from an instructor within a week of registering, please email Jon ( so he can check on the status of the lesson.

Please keep in mind that most of our private lesson instructors are Emory Varsity swimmers.  Transition times between semesters, exam weeks, and Emory breaking during the academic year (end of April/first two weeks of May, last two weeks of August, and December to mid-January) are the most difficult times for us to add new private lesson clients.  It may take more than one week to place you with an instructor during these weeks.

This program is VERY popular and there are times when we can't keep up with the demand.  If we can't successfully place you with an instructor within your timeline, we will certainly refund your payment. Every instructor has their own schedule and it changes weekly.  It is impossible for us to predict which day/times are open in advance.  If you want a guaranteed time/date, consider registering for our group lesson program.  The registration for that program is live, so you sign up for a specific day and time.  That program is also a good entry into private lessons, since our instructors teach both and many pick up private lessons from their classes.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call Jon at 404.727.4081 / Cindy at 404.727.2617.