Eagle Swim Team



The ESC summer season will be from Thursday 2 June through Saturday 30 July 2016

Monday and Thursday:  7:00 - 8:00 a.m.
Saturday:  10:30 a.m. - Noon

       *No minimum practice requirement

Cost for the summer season is $200 payable by check to Eagle Community Swimming payable at the first day of practice.  Please contact Coach Marty Hamburger to be put on the roster and with any questions.

USA Swimming Athlete Registration is recommended, but not required.  Registration is $40 for the season and required to compete in USA Swimming meets.  We will coordinate team registration at the start of each season.



Team Information

The Eagle Swim Club (ESC) is a competitive USA Swimming team that operates year-round at the Woodruff Physical Education Center on the campus of Emory University.  Our year is broken into three seasons - fall, spring and summer.  On deck coaching staff will organize and administrate each practice to provide the most technical instruction and feedback.

Head Coach Marty Hamburger prescribes to the philosophy that better swimming leads to faster swimming.  That dictates that a great deal of attention is paid to executing the very best streamlines, starts and turns and all of the technical aspects of each of the four strokes.  Physical conditioning generally takes place in two aspects:

1)  Drilling and moderately paced swimming sets that allow for the athletes to devote attention to their technique.

2)  Racing (Swimmers will be pushed to perform at peak, or near peak, efforts for some amount of time at nearly every practice.  This approach is a scientifically proven process that contributes to improving power and endurance.)

ESC encourages athletes to attend as many practices as they'd like every week.  There are no attendance requirements allowing the children to explore other interests and participate in other activities.  If an athlete chooses swimming as their primary sport, Coach Hamburger and his staff are committed to maximizing that swimmer's potential and enabling to achieve their goals in swimming.

ESC is open to competitive youth swimmers (ages 6-18).  All swimmers must be able to complete the minimum skills of 50 yards of freestyle swimming with side breathing and 25 yards of backstroke.  (Swimmers who are not able to complete these skills will be encouraged to enroll in our swim lesson program.)
ESC practices indoors on the campus of Emory University, at the Woodruff Physical Education Center in the Madeline Jude Brown Aquatic Center (the home pool of the seven time defending NCAA Division III Champion Emory University Varsity Women's Swimming and Diving Team!).
The coaching staff of ESC is Coach Hamburger and several members of Emory's Varsity Swimming and Diving Team.  These young men and women are the epitome of "Student-Athletes," pursuing their undergraduate degrees at one of the premier private universities in the world while at the same time working toward their potential as NCAA athletes.  They bring tremendous energy and enthusiasm to bringing the children in their charge into the sport of swimming in the best way possible.
For more information regarding any of these topics or anything else related to the Eagle Swim Club, please contact Head Coach Marty Hamburger:


General info for ESC's Fall and Spring Seasons



Fall Season runs from early September through mid-December.

Spring Season runs from early January through April.


Monday and Wednesday
6:45-7:45 p.m.     All Groups

Tuesday and Thursday
6:00-7:00 p.m.     Iron/Bronze/B-2/Silver
6:00-7:15 p.m.     Silver 2/Gold

11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.  All Groups


The cost for the each season is $425.00. Discounts for multiple children within a family are 5% for two children, 10% for 3, and 15% for 4 or more.

USA Swimming Athlete Registration is recommended, but not required.  Registration is $72 annually and required to compete in USA Swimming meets.  We will coordinate team registration at the start of each season.


All swimmers must be able to complete 50 yards of freestyle and 25 yards of backstroke as a minimum to participate in the program.  Swimmers will be assigned a training group based on ages and abilities.  We evaluate swimmers on a constant basis and will move them between groups as necessary to assure they are getting instruction appropriate for their ability